Holstein Folds

Holstein Folds

København NV,

In the lamps of Holstein Folds Japanese origami meets contemporary Nordic design through simplicity and skilled craftsmanship.

The lampshades are created by Tune Holstein around his dining table in his home in Copenhagen and equipped with wooden crowns and feet by Nielsen & Holstein in their countryside workshop at the idyllic peninsula of Stevns.

Each lampshade is unique due to the complexity of the numerous modules, the nature of paper and the touch of the hand.

In 2017 the wrong job caused Tune an exhaustion syndrome and sent him to bed to stare into the wall. After a while he took up his old childhood hobby and felt the healing process of creating beautiful geometrical shapes.
It gave him joy, belief in himself and hope.

Later he joined forces with his parents and the result is what you see here.

It is my ambition to hire people in the periphery of the labour market due to e.g. mental illness or long-term unemployment. That'd be his way of passing on the hope.

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