John Sherwood

John Sherwood

Ilford, United Kingdom

I was born and brought up in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Since graduating from art school I have lived and worked in London in the UK.

I have worked in many areas of art over the years. Disciplines into which I have ventured include painting & drawing, iPad art, photography, image & text, short stories, poetry and performance.

The abstract art in this selection reflects a variety of interests and stages of development. I have chosen pieces that I think especially lend themselves to reproduction through the high quality process known as giclee printing. The prints on show are made to archival quality whilst remaining at an economical price by virtue of their small scale.

Work arrives through its own logic and develops under its own momentum; and whilst sources and content are diverse, themes are still discernible.

The viewer takes from the work whatever it gives to them, however close or distant it may be in relation to my initial inspiration and ideas.

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