Imogen Andrews

Imogen Andrews

Waterlooville, United Kingdom

My time in education has allowed me to expand and delve further into what art is to me, a form of expression of who I am and what concepts I am interested in e.g Human Nature, Philosophy, a need to evoke emotion and curiosity.

I am highly drawn to the human face, creating mainly portraiture work, as I feel this is the way in for a viewer to not only feel and experience the subject in the piece but also myself as an artist. I want my ideas and thoughts to be seen in a specific way to making people think, react, respond and feel. I want the viewer to want to delve further, explore and understand myself and furthermore how they themselves see the world.

Human nature is sometimes confusing to me, the way we respond, react and behave and I try to express and understand this myself through how I paint letting the brush work naturally and freely with paint, creating unpredictable and expressive results, this is how I see and experience "Human Nature" and life as a whole really.

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