Berlin, Germany

Isabelle Bommes is a Photographer and Media Designer based in Berlin.

Taking pictures almost every day and trying to always find a new/different/interesting persepctive on everyday subjects to capture the beauty that lies in everything that sourrounds us, we just have to find the right point of view to see it.
Through photography it is possible to highlight things that would otherwise remain unnoticed. In both my photographic work and my designs I like to encapsulate the topic, get to the heart of it. Or like Albert Einstein said: “The best design is the simplest one that works.”

If you are interested in my work but in a different size or printed on different material, please get in contact.

Art print50 x 70 cm
Original70 x 50 cm
Limited edition60 x 90 cm
Art print70 x 50 cm
Art print40 x 30 cm
Art print42 x 59 cm

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