Juan Jose Garay

Juan Jose Garay

Madrid, Spain

Juan José Garay

Born Spain 1970 in Madrid. Painter, interested in Abstract culture, people and it's history. In his career evolve from abstraction to a work mainly supported by a mixed media on canvas, pen cardboard and wood consisting mainly of oil and tails in introducing natural materials giving the work a compact and solid texture It is providing dynamism and originality to an abstract art resources sometimes figurative.

His palette mainly composed of pure colors, clean in its design within the range of orange, blue, red and ocher gives a good light the surrounding environment. two sides an abstract work with geometric themes such as circles and spirals, on media such as canvases or wood in which oil mixture, colas and land are seen in his career on the one hand; the other side is basically composed of collage in which evolve into a compound of natural elements like leaves cartons, flowers feeding on canvas and mixed with oil, glue and acrylic paint even more figurative art.

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