jure kralj

jure kralj

As a photographer I love memories and I am making it every day. Besides my work and photography are I kind of people lover and admirer of the animal world. Through my business model and my career as an artist, I try to help others because I am very social responsibly person. I also volunteer at animal shelters and in societies including children.

I started to photograph in late 2014 so my career is not exploded yet but I starting exhibiting internationally. In the year 2019, I planned to be part of an exhibition in Hong Kong and Dubai and I will be included in ArtExpo Slovenia.

As a photographer, I do a lot of work for Slovenian tourism, my photos were 2 years in a row chosen to be part of Municipality protocol gifts for presidents and other important people. I am also leading photo editor of automotive magazine EVO Magazine.

i just love to share my work and try to decorate people homes and offices woth my art works.

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