Kerr Ashmore

Kerr Ashmore

Huéscar, Spain

UK artist Kerr Ashmore explores memory, emotion and the way ever-changing and unpredictability of light and dark affect the natural landscape and our response to it.

Kerr regularly exhibits her work internationally and in the UK. Currently she's exhibiting in near London, in a show by Byam Shaw Art and Lapada's Davis-Keilar. The exhibition includes works by Andy Warhol, Damien and celebrate modern, contemporary and antique art.

"My painting process is emotive and highly energised. Often, I begin a piece inspired purely by emotion and then comes a memory of place and's then that a landscape begins to form. Sometimes I begin with a landscape and then the piece becomes more abstracted as memory and emotions take over..I move fast and for long periods until I feel the painting has reached a certain point...then I catch my breath, stand back, look, absorb, then off I go again until the piece tells me it’s finished"

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