Kirsten Fredslund Jæger

Kirsten Fredslund Jæger

Randers C, Denmark

At male er hele tiden at undre sig, at lægge mærke til, at reflektere og uden at vide hvad det fører til at samle livets indtryk i et udtryk som også kan komme andre til gode.
Gennem årene har motiverne og tankerne omkring mit indre billedunivers hele tiden været på rejse.
Jeg er optaget af rummet i billedet og hele tiden på opdagelse med farver og pensel uden helt at vide hvad det udvikler sig til, så hvert nyt billede er en rejse ind i noget ukendt som så ganske langsomt tager form.
"To paint is to constantly wonder, to notice, to reflect and without knowing what it leads to - gather impressions of life in an expression that will benefit others" - thats my philosophy !
Over the years, the motives and thoughts about my inner pictorial universe constantly has been traveling. Inspired by many impressions from trips to Spain, Italy and New York, I have painted fairy-tale motifs with acrylic, oil and charcoal on canvas. The paintings are entirely their own story and it's up to the viewer to decide how the story develops.
More recently, the houses replaced by abstract colors in which it is still possible to create its own story based on colors and patterns in the paintings, and where you can now find a deeper peace of the term.
I am interested in the space of the image and constantly explore with colors and brushes, without knowing exactly what it evolves into, so each new image is a journey into the unknown as it slowly takes shape.

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