Kongstad Studio

Kongstad Studio

København NV, Denmark

Our goal is to make you smile, think and feel like a winner. That is why our designs embody positivity.

We believe in diversity, unity and empowerment. Did you know that all boobies are good boobies? Because they are. So is your body, butt, belly and we could keep going. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we’re great just the way we are. Being bombarded with perfection everywhere we look, we believe it’s about time to change the stigma of what “perfect” is.

Being 100% self-taught, we’re driven by the urge to make a difference.

Kongstad Studio was founded in November 2017 by Cecilie Kongstad and Tobias Ullersted. We’re partners in life and business. We live in Copenhagen, but find inspiration from all over the world. Cecilie draws and creates our products.

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