Skørping, Denmark

Lebaf consists of beautiful unique wall decoration in the form of photo art of our surroundings, captured by photographer Henriette Klausen. Lebaf actually came to life many years ago, when Henriette was a child and invented her own little fantasy world, with fabulous animals and magic

"There is something magical about being a child, and it's important to keep that magic and imagination, even when you grow older. It keeps your soul young and in development. "

It is for her that magic that drives Lebaf, and appears in her pictures.

"I really just want to give people something beautiful to look at, but at the same time something that wakes a feeling or creates a value for the person. My style is simple, aesthetic and timeless, and my images often have a little twist that makes them unique and personal, as they speak very differently to every single viewer. I love when people see or feel something in my pictures, I have not even noticed or thought about myself."

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