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Artboost Limited is amazing handpicked art for you at a affordable price point.

All campaigns are in limited edition series – signed and numbered.

#1 …461…

by Michał Mozolewski

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

This piece was created from a photograph, and digitally manipulated in steps to achieve the final effect. It mixes two classic mediums; photography and painting, to create something truly unique.

Only 30 prints are produced.

Model: Roksana Leśniak.
Photography by Michał Mozolewski.
Acrylic, mixed, scan.

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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#2 The Tamer

by Christophe Siel

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

"Don't you ever tame your demons but always keep them on a leash." - Siel

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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The Tamer

#3 Girls with attitude

by Natmir Lura

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 60 pcs.

Natmir, performs in figurative painting and he does not stick to a particular style, not in any category. The heart is the source of his work, which gives him an indescribable joy, a kind of spiritual calmness.

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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Girls with attitude

#4 Infrarojo

by Marco Castillo

70 x 50 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

This piece is actually a study, a search between the plastic and the reality. I tried to find a middle point to cross the reality treshold there is between painting and photography in a parallel state.

Intervened photo. Photography by Brigitte Diez.

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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#5 African Queen

by Lykke Steenbach Josephsen

60 x 60 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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African Queen

#6 Bosquito

by Martin Pop

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

$125.86Converted from 799 DKK

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#7 Metamorphosis II

by Jelena Dojcinovic

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Mixed media on paper

$94.35Converted from 599 DKK

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Metamorphosis II

#8 Ride the Storm

by philip mckay

60 x 60 cm|Limited edition 50 pcs.

"We face many traumas and difficulties in our lifetime. I created this artwork from my own experiences in life it's about facing up to these problems and getting through them. stand strong, be strong and just ride the storm". - Philip McKay Philip McKay is a digital artist from Liverpool, united kingdom. his artwork is based on surrealism with scenes of desolate landscapes. a lot of his images are based on his life and events that have occurred at some stage in his life. it's like keeping a diary except he visually creates it in his art. Philip has had many group exhibitions across Europe and in the UK. he has created many book covers for authors and also created cd music covers. he is the current 2017 winner of the artbox project in Switzerland.

$196.74Converted from 1249 DKK

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Ride the Storm

#9 Drowning

by Višnja Mihatov Barić

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

"All of my illustrations are hand drawn, scanned and digitally colored. Rarely I use watercolors because the digital way of finishing the work is easier and lets me focus more on the most important part; on the drawing process. It's just pencil and paper" - Viśnja Mihatov

$102.23Converted from 649 DKK

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#10 Drifting Within The Ghost Light

by Joe Castro

70 x 50 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

- Specially made for Artboost -

This piece is a cut paper collage using images taken from vintage magazines and dry adhered to paper using a gel medium. It takes inspiration from the timeless beauty and power of the performing arts.

There's something so direct and impactful that comes across in a live performance - that immediate yet temporary exchange of energy between audience and performer - that really can't be duplicated in any other art form. it's immeasurable and whether it's a live band, a ballet or a play, even though the moment is entirely fleeting, the impression it leaves can be truly deep.

Joe Castro is an accomplished Philadelphia based collage artist, musician, oil painter and graphic designer.

His paintings and collages have been shown in galleries and art spaces across the United States, Canada, and Europe. They have been described as 'a controlled explosion, aggressive and pensive (Kolaj Magazine)' and as 'bold and diverse... one of those collage artists whose works you recognize immediately, (' He is a signature member of the National Collage Society in the United States.

$110.10Converted from 699 DKK

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Drifting Within The Ghost Light

#11 Monkey buddies

by Stine Hvid

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Technique: The original painting is made with acrylic and brushes
Original size: 100x120 cm
Year: 2016

$110.26Converted from 700 DKK

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Monkey buddies

#12 Contradictions

by Inesa Adamonyte

50 x 70 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

From the series made in 2016 in collaboration with Indonesian models. The project is exposing inner fears, doubts and contradictions through symbols and gestures.

$188.86Converted from 1199 DKK

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