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#1 The other side

by Anders Cederholm

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 50 pcs.

This piece is a part of a series called contrast.

Life is full of contrast. The vision, the difference in color and light between parts of an image.

Linguistics contrast, expressing distinctions between words.

Formation contrast, vertical, horizontal, concave, convex, geometric, organic, soft, hard, coarse, smooth etc. A phenomenon studied in psychology (behavior analysis). - I have been really inspired by the philosopher Freud and his take on happiness. I try to surround myself with contrast because it truly inspires me and helps me appreciate the small things in life and always be thankful.

I have recently became more and more fascinated by portrait photography. The artist Marcus Bjørn made a series called Staten Island ferry which really caught my attention. I actually bought his Artstarter campaign :)

But that piece kickstarted my fascination. The facial expression is limitless and ultimately the way we read people. I usually prefer everything in black but on the other hand I love colors. I love everything in the water but on the other hand it scares me.


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The other side


by isaac Malakkai

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Don't laugh. (No te rias). "I love animals, maybe cats a bit less (thank u allergy) but something I cannot deal with is the tendency some animal owners have of make fun of them or humanize them to the extreme. They are adorable the way they are. Please. We have enough humans, let's embrace their "animality" instead. "

Isaac Malakkai, conceived in Barcelona but born in Almería. He always had a pencil in his hand but he did not realize what was he really wanted until he was studying telecommunications, surrounded by numbers and trigonometry. Malakkai met Graffiti during 2000, a fact that fueled the passion for drawing; meet new artists and traveling only fueled more that passion, from that day he's between walls, paper and canvases. Bic pen and desaturated ranges lover, his work has walked through numerous showrooms of Spain and nowadays you can find from lost walls in Almeria, Girona and the Canary Islands to Nuremberg, Lyon, Naples, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Mexico, Djerba .... always dominate the female figure and weird animals laced with irony and a particular sense of humor.


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#3 Love. Now. Create. Inspire

by Christophe Siel

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Description: Acrylic on canvas
Original size: 150x100 cm
Year: 2014

“My work is based on how I have come to see the world, so that’s how I portray it. I create conflicts and tension by using very vivid colours and then bend and manipulate them into working alongside each other. It’s creating a controlled chaos. The animals represent emotions I go through on my own journey; some are big and wild, others almost not noticeable. Everything really comes from the world around me and from what I feel.“


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Love. Now. Create. Inspire

#4 Becoming Digital

by Danny Ivan

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

My thoughts whilst creating this art piece was to express how much our lives have been digitalized. The lines and dots represent all the bytes in our body and head while the vibrant colors express how essential technology is for our life today. In my opinion, we're living in an exciting time where technology has the possibility of enhancing our lives and creating a future, where the possibilities are endless.


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Becoming Digital

#5 Unwind/Rewind

by Joe Castro

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Unwind/Rewind is a cut paper collage using images taken from vintage magazines and dry adhered to paper using a gel medium. It deals with the concept of mindfulness and, more specifically, the practice of meditation as a tool to help overcome the anxieties of modern life.


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#6 Abismo

by Marco Castillo

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

This painting is about those jumps we have to make to move on and that way separate life from fiction. It is about not being free when you are free falling, and how these inflection moments makes us feel more alive than ever.


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#7 Ms. Geronimo

by Natmir Lura

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

A Living Legend.
Geronimo was one of the most famous Native American leaders of the late nineteenth century. He has earned a reputation in American history as the ultimate holdout, a renegade willing to fight for his freedom long after many of his people had accepted defeat. Naturally, his wife and daughters must have been fierce warriors as well.

Natmir, performs in figurative painting and he does not stick to a particular style, not in any category. The heart is the source of his work, which gives him an indescribable joy, a kind of spiritual calmness.


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Ms. Geronimo

#8 Being normal is boring

by Balazs Solti

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.

Technique: Drawing, mixed media
Year: 2014

Budapest-based artist and illustrator Balázs Solti has become known across the globe for his energetic and playful work. With a raw artistic talent, Solti combines modern design influence and affection for pop culture to create detailed graphics including a whimsical collection of animal portraits.


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Being normal is boring

#9 Old friends

by Kristian von Hornsleth

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 50 pcs.


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Old friends

#10 Separate

by Rene Czepluch

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 10 pcs.

Original size: 50x70 cm
Year: 2014

There is no abstract art.

Sepluk is a danish digital artist based in Aarhus, DK. His full name is Rene Czepluch, and the name “Sepluk” is the danish spelling, of how his last name is pronounced.

With focus on modern digital abstract still images, Sepluk only sells and exhibits original prints. His passion is to bring more digital art into today’s art scene and ultimately inspire or contribute to a new perspective on digital art.


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#11 Monkey See

by Martin Pop

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 30 pcs.


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Monkey See

#12 Lines 2

by Stefano Padoan

19.7 x 27.6 in|Limited edition 10 pcs.

In this work the projection of a series of lines at various distances from one another creates the illusion of a woman's figure. The movement of the lines follows the curves of the body giving almost a 3D optical illusion.


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Lines 2
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