Present: portrait of one creator

by Elitsa Baramova

29.7 x 42 cm|Limited edition 30 pcs.

A glimpse through the peephole to artistic discourse My Super-Ego : -Why don’t you make a portrait of time? My Ego: -Well, how could I, this is a bombastic intention, the time itself… Besides, time never stops, never poses as a model?! Maybe I’ll focus on the time‘s nose which breathes the air of the present?! My Super-Ego: -How will you define “the present”? My Ego: - Well…(looking in the mirror) This is a rendez-vous of past and future… silver threads draw the trajectories of their meeting… the linear perspective of time. The present is the intimacy between past and future, the vertical axis in the coordinate system. And here comes the hero, who captures in the creative act the ephemeral in the charm of time, a creator in his boat, on the crest of the wave of unlimited creative choice. … And maybe I should put some colors on the portrait of the creator? My Super-Ego: - Already done… White light comprises the whole color spectrum. So the portrait doesn’t reflect light, but emanates it. My Ego: - (Silence) My Super-Ego: (Serenity)

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Elitsa Baramova

Elitsa Baramova

• Born in Sofia / Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia, freelance
• Membership: Union of Bulgarian Artists
• Exhibitions - selected: numerous solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Bulgaria and Germany (f. ex. Gropius Alfeld museum - FRG, gallery "Alte Feuerwache"-Göttingen FRG, Villa Mohr – Munich FRG, Bulgarian Cultural Institute - Berlin, FRG ) guild galleries (Künstlerhaus -Göttingen/FRG, Sofia/BG) and worldwide (“Jeux de la Francophonie” - “Musee des Beaux Arts”/Ottawa, Canada). Participation at international projects: Armory art weeks ’17; New York/ USA, Art Basel ‘17, Artbox Project.; project “Art meets History”, Grimbergen-Brussels/ Belgium.
• Awards: EUropas Mitte Symposium’08 – Fulda/ FRG and the IV-th Francophone Games, Ottawa/ Canada as a national representative; 2005 painting award – Rolf Broenstrup- Hanover/ FRG; 2003 painting award -Laatzen, Hanover/ FRG
• Publications: Catalog Elitsa Baramova/ Ralf Ahrens 2003, Bulgaria; ISBN 954-91303-1-2

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