Nature Calls

by Christian Løgstrup

50 x 50 cm|Limited edition 100 pcs.

This piece is a collaboration between the Danish artist Christian Løgstrup, WWF and Artboost – the profit from the campaign goes to the fight for conserving areas where polar bears and other animals in the Arctic region can seek and live in peace.

“With the artwork “Nature Calls”, I make a statement on behalf of nature. We all know that the environment has been hurt and most people agree that it only gets worse - unless we do something about it and make a radical difference. Nature is here to stay, but it is taken for granted. The environmental issues are so far away - both physically and mentally – that people tend to the joke about the prospects of saving their money on expensive flight tickets to warmer countries for the holidays. One thing is clear though the Icecap is melting – rapidly, and thus the basis of existence for the life that belongs. The polar bear, a big and beautiful animal represents the nature as a majestic symbol. In the artwork Nature Calls, the bear is fading out as hope fades. Hope is still present though and in the piece, it is represented in the form of fragile fractions and delicate, but insistent colors that seek balance. This is nature's balance that I believe we ought to listen to”. - Christian Løgstrup

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) works worldwide to preserve the wildlife and our common nature. The polar bears are particularly vulnerable because of the melting ice in the Arctic and in Greenland. We frequently see starved bears who struggle to find food and there is an increasing number of conflicts between polar bears and humans. One of WWF's efforts in the Arctic and Greenland is patrols that keep the polar bears away from the villages to prevent the bears from being shot in self-defense. Another goal of WWF is to conserve areas where polar bears and other animals in the Arctic region can seek and live in peace. Read more at


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Christian Løgstrup

Christian Løgstrup

Christian Løgstrup aka Helt Sort (Danish for “Completely Black”) is from Copenhagen and born in 1963. Christian Løgstrup is an award-winning designer, art director and – not least – very engaged and active artist with a strong focus on modern contemporary art; abstract and pop art with a twist of surrealism.

If you are interested in exhibiting Christian Løgstrup’s works in a gallery or other organization locally or internationally, you are welcome to contact the artist directly. For further information please call +45 4068 2271.

Exclusive limited edition

Only 100 pieces will ever be made. When it's sold out it will be gone forever.

Certificate of authenticity

Every campaign is shipped with a certificate of authenticity that is signed and numbered.

Print quality

We always use the best suited print quality. This particular campaign will be produced as 250g High Quality UV print.

UV prints are a high quality print type. The UV printing process is based on surface coloring of the paper and then the color is cured with UV light, which means that the color fastness and durability is excellent. One of the main benefits about using UV print is that the colors do not fade in sunlight. We stamp all our prints with our 'Certified Artstarter stamp' to enhance their uniqueness and autenticity.

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