Luis Guillermo Gonzalez

Luis Guillermo Gonzalez

Guadalajara , Mexico

Luis Guillermo shares that most of his work has a degree of experimentation in its printed energy: “I strongly believe that the artist who stops experimenting, in a way he/ she preserves the lines and formulas but leaves aside the passion and emotion that comes from pouring his/ her own energy onto the artistic piece.” As we contemplate the strange characters that inhabit Luis Guillermo’s creations, we discover that his imagery of astonishing creatures is as vast as is his powerful, violent and sometimes fine connection to the natural world. His spectrum is supernatural and without a doubt disconcerting. In some pictorial level he shares with Kandinsky the need to innovate an artistic language that expresses deep spirituality and speaks about emotions and not objects; that evokes the experience of the internal journeys, which transcend cultural and physical frontiers.

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