Portimao, Portugal

From a very young age that images in general have aroused me great interest and curiosity. From the comic strips to photography and advertising, the whole "graphic side" of everyday life arouses me interest.
At the age of 17, I bought my first analog camera and installed a black and white lab at home. At that time I felt like a magician. With paper and some liquids I made appear images that were captured a few hours before ... it was pure magic.
Another of my passions are computers and how could it not to be, I quickly associated the images and the computer. I moved to digital and the photography lab moved to the computer, but this time with a great advantage ... there are no longer just photographs. I also started to do "magic" with drawing and painting, no longer just with images captured by the camera, to be also and essentially images out of my imagination. Here you can apreciate some of them and I hope you like it.

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