LikeaTattoo  "Lack series"

LikeaTattoo "Lack series"

Bressana, Italy

He works on multidisciplinary interaction projects between visual arts, performance, urban art and multimedia. For several years he has been experimenting with a painting technique that does not use traditional colors, but is obtained by extracting the print color of the Ikea catalogs and the advertising leaflets of the supermarkets. He applies it to surfaces of recycled materials, including the base of the used Lack Ikea tables, transforming them from low-cost serial objects to unique pieces. It is an aesthetic reflection on the world of image and communication, on the globalized and consumerist society, which translates into an artistic action of reuse, recovery, transformation: of that immense quantity of printed paper in bright characters that invades our everyday mailboxes, and the many objects that the company consumes quickly and throws away, like waste and cuttings from a carpenter's shop located right in front of the artist's studio.

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