Mila Kılıc

Mila Kılıc

Moscow , Russian Federation

I am 34 years old and I am from Moscow. My father is a famous USSR artist whose pictures are in the private collections in the USA, Japan , Italy, Brazil, Greece. Grown in the atmosphere of exhibitions and the smell of oil paints I have been painting since 3 years old. I tried a lot of office jobs but I decided to paint for the rest of my life. I am the winner of international exhibition Russian art week 2019 , pop art nomination. My inspiration is fashion, vintage, cloths, women’s beauty. I can paint by water color, gouache, pastel, graphics, but most of all I like oil as the brightest and the most emotional material. My works are of average and big sizes because I don’t like the small ones. If my favorite Modigliani had known about you , he would have lived happier. I know about you! Due to my daughter and family I have great motivation to realize my works with you. If anyone looks at my pictures in the morning in stead of the news about war, our world will be definitely more beautif

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