Miranda Couture De Troismonts

Miranda Couture De Troismonts

Capital Federal , Argentina

I was born in May '95 and as I grew up, so did my interest in art and my desire to create.
At the moment I am studying the degree in Visual Arts with orientation in Painting in the National University of Arts of Buenos Aires, where I was able to learn and to explore my interests in art.
I dedicate myself to abstract art, to images that emerge from impulses and that flow with my energy. I like to create figures, images, organic forms that are at the complete disposal of the viewer, where he finds himself, where he can find a galaxy, a nebula, or what appears to be bacteria seen from a microscope. They are forces, energies, colors, unions, encounters and disagreements. It is the reflection of what we want to see.

Original100 x 100 cm
Original100 x 100 cm

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