Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

It so happened that since my birth I was left an orphan. And from childhood I was limited in my knowledge of the world of people. This circumstance made me an artist with my paintings! I have no special art education, no specific school of drawing. Yes, I am self-taught. I draw what attracts me from the inside, and draw, as my intuition tells me. Impressionist painting greatly influenced my painting: Monet, Renoir, Turner. I was also influenced by Russian fine art of the 19th century. I also admire Renaissance painting, and, drawing naked people, I rely mainly on Michelangelo’s paintings and frescoes. So, gradually, based on the heritage of the famous masters of world painting, I try to express my admiration, my melancholy, my thoughtfulness, my thoughts, world outlook as a whole, on canvas. Yes, I can say with confidence that I am constantly looking for an expression of my personal perception of the world.  
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Original30 x 60 cm
Original57.5 x 47 cm
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