Nuria  Mora

Nuria Mora

Madrid, Spain

‘There is something intrinsically subtle about Nuria’s work, something which, even when confronting you in an unexpected, unforeseen manner, always does so in a delicate, calming way. Is this the femininity she talks about in her work? Not femininity in terms of painting specifically female themes however, but in her way of working with the structure around her, not against it. Not trying to dominate the surrounding environment, not wanting to simply attach her meaning on to it, but opening us up to a new appreciation of the space around us, a new way of seeing our urban milieu.

Nuria’s work creates an explicit, dialogical interaction with the surface, an interchange between herself and the very medium of the city, but must also be understood through its attempt to create a dialogue with the public itself, with her audience, the diverse community of the city.

Rafael Schacter on ‘Mas alla de la curva del camino’.

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