Paula Swenson

Paula Swenson

Vila Nova do Ceira, Portugal

My creative work these days is focused on working with multiple media and mixing media combining the love of process and discovery with a wide array of materials.

My sense of adventure and curiosity have led me into fascinating work, travels, and life adventures on 4 continents. I’ve had opportunities to study new techniques and very old ones such as ebru, batik and textile arts. My new work mixes my theatrical design roots with new and ancient techniques, a love of storytelling and nature and a dash of whimsy.

Art is a visible, tangible reminder of the things that we love and value, the things that make life worthwhile.

When you connect with a work of art and take it into your home, it becomes part of the fabric of your reality. Whether you gaze at it daily or catch it out of the corner of your eye, it changes your environment, subtly changes the vibration of the space you inhabit.

Seek out art you love. Take it home with you. Change your life.

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