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About Artboost

Artboost is an online marketplace for art.

Here, people can explore and order art directly from artists. You can experience, buy, exhibit and sell unique art and we will support you with marketing and sales along the way. The marketplace is social, meaning you’ll be joining a community where you can comment, like and follow users you that inspire you.

The democratization of art
The unique thing about Artboost is that everyone, from amateurs to well established artists, can exhibit their work. This means that the merit and beauty of the art comes first, not reputation or circumstance. It is easy to navigate this vast and colorful bazaar to find the pieces that are right for you because of Artboost’s multi-faceted filtering system where you can sort the art by colors, sizes, keywords, categories, price range and more. Additionally, exposure on Artboost is tied only to the engagement and activity of our users; no one artist can pay to get on the front page, but if you build a community of people who appreciate and boost your work, you will be exposed to many more users. This is how Artboost democratizes art.

The guys behind Artboost
Artboost was established in 2013 while cofounders Mikkel Steen and Anders Cederhold Nielsen were completing their studies in Business Development Engineering at AU Herning. After moving into their first apartments, they encountered the problem of decorating and personalizing the blank white walls of their new homes. The two students had a passion for art and artistic expression, but they had neither the budget nor the experience to go to galleries, and they didn’t want to settle for a mass-produced piece from Ikea or Bilka. Their solution was to create a platform where artists could directly sell unique pieces at a price reasonable enough for even students to afford: that platform is now called Artboost.

The code for success
The business model behind Artboost is a free service that capitalizes on a nominal fee when users successfully make a sale. This means that users can join Artboost without the fear of losing money or being evaluated on their performance. Our fee for Artboost transactions is only 15%; compared to the typical gallery commission fee of 33.3% to 50%, this is quite low. Lastly, Artboost has a kickstarting platform called Artstarter that lets artists put up campaigns for limited edition print runs, also with a small fee per sale.


  • Founded in 2013
  • 7 employees
  • Over 1.600 exhibiting artists
  • Over 1.700 customers
  • 70+ countries
  • 8000 art pieces
  • 15.000 vistors a month
  • 15% in commission


  • Winner Startup Buzz 2014
  • Creative Business Cup Denmark 2015 second place
  • Nominated as young hope of 2016 by Ivækst
  • One of Youth Time Magazines 7 most innovative startups in Denmark


© Artboost, Co-founder Anders Cederholm & Kristian von Hornsleth.

© Artboost, Co-founders Anders Cederholm & Mikkel Steen.

© Artboost, Co-founders Anders Cederholm & Mikkel Steen.

© Artboost, Co-founders Anders Cederholm & Mikkel Steen.

© Artboost, Co-founder Anders Cederholm (CSO)

© Artboost, Co-founders Anders Cederholm & Mikkel Steen, Creative Business Cup 2015.

© Artboost, Artboost marketplace

© Artboost, Artboost marketplace

© Artboost, Co-founder Mikkel Steen (CEO)

© Artboost, Natmir Lura signing

© Artboost, Team, 2016


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