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Purkiss Art Gallery ©

Pontypridd , United Kingdom

People and Places Artwork
Purkiss Art Gallery (U.K.) ©
Artwork by my late father, Mike Purkiss.
Previously worked as Marketing and Sales Manager for Staedtler (U.K.) Successfully branded, designed and marketed stationery for 30 years in the U.K. Designed their very popular yellow and black striped pencil. This was after a boat that he made and named after his mother, Corella. He painted the boat with the famous yellow and black stripe and red top, when he was a child. His natural artistic talents were always the driving force behind the successful implementation of the stationery brand.

Former Chairman of Ledbury Arts Society.
Mike Purkiss was a self taught artist, best described as impressionistic with the use of vibrant colours and strong tonal contrasts.
Mike enjoyed painting townscapes with the inclusion of figures which were his favourite subjects.
His work has been well received at exhibitions Hereford and Ledbury. copyright ©

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