Rebecca Lane

Rebecca Lane

Cape Town, South Africa

I love art, and colours, bright ones, and painting for a cause I value especially when it comes to animals and love for my country. I was born in Germany, but moved to Cape Town, South Africa when I was 8 years old. It's home. I have traveled extensively and lived in the middle east for 7 years, where I sold a few paintings privately and in galleries. It's a passion that has never left be in "that zone" for 3 hours at a time and come out of it seeing what your own two hands created is magical! For people who love Africa, or who are overseas and dearly miss it, I hope my paintings will bring you a little bit closer to home. My main mediums are Acrylic on canvas and I like to include real materials like clay and beads in my works to add a little bit of 3 D texture.

Original51 x 51 cm
Original51 x 76 cm
Original61 x 76 cm
Original51 x 51 cm

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