David Space

David Space

Micaville, United States

After a 30 year career in the media business with Gannett/ USA Today David retired and began a new venture which he had dreamed of for 50 years;to answer a calling to allow his creative talent to emerge.
He chose to follow the example set by world -famous artist, Louise Nevelson, who gained notoriety by creating art from scraps of wood trashed by her father, a wood carver.
Today, he creates art from materials left behind by nature and people.
Inspiration to use this method came after he was asked to inspire a group of Elementary students in the poor side of town to turn their attention away from what they could not afford, but instead, to turn their attention and sleeping talents toward creating beauty from materials that were indeed within their reach and many times free.
He took these children to where a row of Dempsey dumpsters sat and challenged each to fill a bag with things of interest, then make something they liked.
And they did.

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