Ron Turner

Ron Turner

Calimesa, United States

Intricate networks of form and color are the foundation of Ron Turner’s paintings. Whether he is recreating the contours of a city skyline or the dense patterns of leaves and branches in a forest, Turner uses a precise sense of line and composition to structure each work. In his cityscapes, straight lines and sharp angles are connected in grids that seem almost abstract. The skylines are often seen floating above fields of mist and sitting under subtly shaded skies, adding a dreamlike aura. His nature scenes take the free-flowing spontaneity of trees and fields, and place it into a framework that turns each scene into a complex arrangement of shapes and tones. Turner currently works in oils on canvas, and oils are key to the subtlety of his color palette. He notes that the extended drying time of oils allows for the blending of colors while they are still wet, letting him create soft gradations that add depth to his work, and contribute further to the mix of abstraction and reality.

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