roman chvedov

roman chvedov

Björklinge, Sweden

My interest for the art and painting began at very young age when i was trying to reproduct what i have seen around me. sometimes it was just flowers on a table or a passing bus in the window or just a couple of stick mans attacking each other in what could look like a battle.

Within the age of 10 i began at the artschool in St-petersburg called " city artschool N1" school went in paralell with the ordinary education and made it possible for me to forgot about big and small problems and just be yourself and create.

it went very well and i have graduated with highest possible grades. I became a classicly educated illustrator.

in that time our family moved a lot and we have migrated a several times untill we finally landed in Sweden. School, part time jobs and some other obsticales made that i could not proceed with any bigger artistery and things were always in between.

Untill now, almost 15 years later i began to paint and create again. Feels like i am alive again!

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