Sam Bush

Sam Bush

Newark, United States

I am a middle age man from a small Appalachian town in Ohio,who recently re-discovered his childhood love of drawing and painting.In hindsight, I've asked myself numerous times over the years how much further I'd be along if I had continued painting ,or perhaps studied at an art school ,or under a mentor.This insecurity lingers,and the question again arises when I see the work of the classically trained artists' that frequent this site.Despite that, I decided to take the risk of personal humiliation and put forward my art for the world to ponder upon. My goal is to spread pieces of my art across the globe.and into the homes of people who can appreciate them.It is my hope that perhaps one of my painting will stand the test of time and perhaps even end up in a museum one day.As for being famous and respected while alive,...well,..Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.Who knows?Apart from that I'm married, the father of an adult son and the victim of two gather insufferable Pugs.

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