Khanom, Thailand

I once wrote that it would have been easier to walk on the moon then me becoming an artist.

When I was a kid living in a rural village, with little electric no running water life was very difficult, It was farming area, mainly rice and most people worked in the rice fields, that was our life, there was little ambition to do anything else.

I was always different from the rest of the people in my village I just wanted to escape I knew there was a different world out there just didn't know where.
At 12 I worked in the rice fields, 13 worked in a sweat factory in Bangkok making shirts, 14 was driving a pick up truck 7 days a week 14 hours a day selling vegetables which I did until my early twenties.

Later in life I had a  wonderful opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, that opportunity was art, I’m in it now and I’m not moving, it will continue to change my life for the better and I love it.

I don’t live in London, New York, Monaco, Amsterdam or Singapore but I’ve sent my work

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