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Gökhan Tanatar

With a background without artistic upbringing, Gökhan has nevertheless drawn and painted since childhood and dedicated himself with artistic skills as we see in his paintings: They are figurative but with his own very distinctive style, where everything superfluous is cleaned and colors are intense. The paintings express living in the being, the presence of both good and evil. The intensity of the paintings are strikingly apparent, almost driven by his technique by running contrasts up, his works stands stronger and more delicately. His artistic choices bring him to what he wanted to express: Passion, both in joy, everyday choices, sex, hard days and life choices. There is also an expression of the human beings big question; the meaning of life. He masters both the black/white expressions and nevertheless colors. Garish colors that express mirth and happy expectations, but also ominous messages about a life that is not straightforward.

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