Terry Corr

Terry Corr

BELFAST, United Kingdom

I've worked in the creative sector for several decades.
My recent series of artworks SexGluePaper is collage-based. Using recycled paper, card, packaging.
The materials sometimes set the mood and the theme evolves from there. Lots of things impact on my artwork. Politics, Equality, Sex, Life. My scalpel can take me on a journey resulting in my work.
I do have a distinctive style and from this, there is no escape.
My images are part of me.
Living in Belfast I feel it is important to make work which sets out to bring about change.
We need a shift in the mindset, particularly towards equality, politics, religion and the hypocrisy which exists between us. It never ceases to amaze me how scraps of paper found can come together and be made into something full of tenderness and joy something which will live on forever.

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