Tom Mboya

Tom Mboya

Tom Mboya is a Kenyan born artist based at the Godown Art Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
Hotelier by training, he has spent part of his lifetime drawing and painting, while experimenting on sculpture and art installation as well. He had a great opportunity in high school to study technical drawing and design. Later he joined Kenya Utalii College for Hospitality Management course and served in hotel industry before deciding to follow his passion of visual art and painting.
He joined The Godown Art Centre as a fulltime trainee artist in 2008 , where he currently based as an established artist. He is inspired by Human Social life, politics and wildlife.
His is an expressionist working on acrylics, oil and mixed media. He has also donated his art pieces and participated in discharging innovative ideas and in mentoring young and youth art students. He has exhibited at international and local platform , including Kenya National Museum.

Original50 x 40 cm
Original95 x 150 cm
Original50 x 50 cm
Original76 x 903 cm
Original90 x 140 cm
Original110 x 220 cm
Original60 x 60 cm
Original60 x 60 cm
Original98 x 75 cm
Original160 x 100 cm
Original155 x 112 cm
Original60 x 60 cm
Original60 x 60 cm
Original60 x 60 cm
Original79 x 89 cm
Original96 x 75 cm

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