Vanessa Uher

Vanessa Uher

Berg, Germany

Vanessa Uher likes to capture the soul of people and nature.
Vanessa moved to the Caribbiean when she was 20 and lived there for 6 years, working and exploring another world. Later she moved back to Munich to fully concentrate on Art and Design.
From 2005-2013 she spent every year 5 months in Vietnam, working mainly on Ski, Snowboard and T-Shirt Designs.
She is also a musician in several bands.
Her big Life Art Project has the Title " Fusion of Reality and Truth" (auf Deutsch:" Fusion aus Realität und Wirklichkeit") so she likes to confuse…the Photographs that looks like paintings and the other way around…the snapshot that appear like staged…and the staged ones that just look like a weird coincidence.
- „If I have to describe myself and my love for Art in a few words then "Passionate and enthusiastic" might the first ones that come into my head. I believe that everything you do with love and passion will be good and authentic".

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