Valle san lorenzo, Spain

I'm an Italian artist, I've been living in Tenerife for five years. Here I started all over again!
One day I decided to change the air because things in Italy, for me, did not go well, in this adventure, as an important and significant presence, there is my daughter. Looking at her I learned a new way of facing life, without drama, simply accepting it, as it is and looking at the various opportunities it could give me. This is why in my paintings there will be only positive sensations, light of Tenerife, my daughter's smiles, nature and animals.
Soy un artista italiano, he vivido en Tenerife durante cinco años. Aquí comencé todo de nuevo. Un día decidí cambiar el aire porque las cosas en Italia, para mí, no iban bien, en esta aventura, como una presencia importante y significativa. , ahí está mi hija. Al mirarla, aprendí una nueva forma de enfrentar la vida, sin drama, simplemente aceptándola, tal como es, y mirando las diversas oportunidades que podría brindarme.

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