Bogotá, Colombia

My work had several stages in time: from figurative sculpture, abstract sculpture and later drawing and figurative painting. Today, after researching and studying materials, I use a drawing technique based on natural pigments from leaves, flowers and bark. I intend to create with my work a reflection on the current society, addressing some of the contemporary problems: a world hyperconnected to social networks, but with deep solitude and distance from the planet and its mysteries; I intend to suggest that life is simpler and happens outside the screens of mobile phones; We live surrounded by the natural wonders of the world, we have to learn to see the mystery that exists in everything that surrounds us, here it is as present and invisible as the air, it is only about turning off the phone, looking up, observing the visible and the invisible, feel the elements of nature, appreciate the richness of the fauna and flora of our planet.

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