Zy Salone

Zy Salone

las vegas, United States

I am a 32 year old artist from the Southern Region. Houston Texas to be exact. I currently live on the West Coast. I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil and write. I am self taught. I started as a pencil artist and decided to move into painting nearly 6 years ago. In the beginning of my career as a painter I started out as a portrait artist. I work with acrylic and oil. I am a very bold, vibrant, artsy, creative person and it shows not only in my art but in my fashion and interior design as well. I like to get lost in my creativity as I paint fully free to express myself with no limits. I say that to say that I found very early in my painting career that portrait work isn't for me unless I'm doing it with a twist. I am a wide range artist although I create a lot of abstract. I create what I feeling at the moment and my art is a true expression of me. I like my art same as I like my life which is full of color.

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