Wall Art Circular Mandala Triple Goddess Orig

by Dawn Marie

Entire length of piece: approx 33 inches
Entire width of piece: approx 21.25 inches
Diameter: approx 21 inches in diameter (21 inches from side to side)
Adorned with: An original print of my artwork with a wood backing. The artwork depicts the moon phases from crescent waxing to full to crescent waning. The colors in the artwork are different hues of maroon.
Diameter of the artwork is approx 6.5 inches across and sits in the center point of the piece.
Color: Macrame: cream color/off white


Ships from United States.

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie


My name is Dawn Marie. I am so glad to have you visit my gallery.

I create pieces for your home that are intended to uplift the vibe of your space, something that immediately draws the eye and adds a little zen like feel when you enter the room.

I take into account light frequency, hues, tones, and design when creating as all of these aspects add to the feel of your space and the emotional tone of the onlooker.

My art can be hung around a meditation space, healing space, office, room, or around your home in general. They also make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one.

I thank you for your time and hope that you enjoy browsing my work.

♡Much Love,
Dawn Marie

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