by Stefanie Rogge

„Turquoise in bronze” is an informal painting.
Warm natural tones: expressive on large format canvas (100 x 100 cm).
It is ready to hang, edges are painted.

Please note: Room setting is for illustration only and is not exactly to scale.
The Colors may vary slightly depending on your screen settings.

The tension in this work arises through mirroring and light effects, through bronze elements, which I incorporate in the painting.
Bronze color reflects the light and makes the pictu...

Ships from Germany.

Stefanie Rogge

Stefanie Rogge

Stefanie lives and works as a freelance artist and graphic designer from Germany, who completed her artistic education in Hanover. In addition to abstract pieces, she also paints figurative works. Her paintings are expressive and impulsive. Stefanies work is part of many private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and USA.

Her abstract, large format paintings are mostly inspired by seascapes, light, colour and rough cliff landscapes. She also likes to use collage techniques that contain materials such as linen and corrugated cardboard. Using layering and glazing, she works out the charm of these lands.

Stefanie's figurative artworks are also expressive and impulsive. They often have social and political ideologies attached, such as in the series, 'Cows Coded', which criticises how animals in our consumer society are treated as commercial goods.

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