by Vilhelmine

A mindfullness picture that brings the nature to you and give you peace.
In this context Freeze means stand still, be focused, take your time, breathe and be in the moment.
The picture is mounted on a black wooden board with a black wooden frame.
It is signed with the name Freeze and Vilhelmine Design.
The picture can be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is UV resistant.

On my walking the nature heal me from stress and depression. One day the nature gave me this and I took a picture. I want to ...

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I am born and raced in a little danish village. All my life my head has been filled with idears and I am a hard worker.
Since 2009 I have been designer of Interior and have my own company Vilhelmine Design.
Earlier I have been very sick with stress and depression. The nature helps me to find peace and happyness again. I love listening to the sound of the nature and the animals and I love to see all the details and beauty that the nature bring. One day when I was walking I discovered how the nature has arranged som frozen leaves. It was so beautiful and it really gave me peace. I love photography and I took a picture of this scenario too. Now I am here on Artboost sharing this photo with you.

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