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by Kimi Yeh Art

黑暗逐漸吞沒我日益虛弱的心Darkness swallows my weak heartgradually.Artists: Kimi YehOil painting on canvas200860.5x50cm

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Kimi Yeh Art

Kimi Yeh Art

Hello! My name is Kimi Yeh, I have a great passion for art and creating it. I used to be a fashion designer working in New York before. One day I discovered my passion for art, and became a full time artist, traveling around the world, searching for inspiration, new ideas and creating my works in such countries like Italy, Spain, the United States, Thailand, and Taiwan for the past five years. I mainly work in oil painting, sculpture, acrylic, charcoal sketching and mix media. My artworks express estheticism, reflect my own life and rich spectrum of emotions. The themes are dedicated to love, passion, women, human body and self-portrait.

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