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by Iris Bakker

This series is called "W" and all of the paintings are original figure drawings made with ink on paper. The "W" stands for woman, as all the portraits is drawn whilst admiring the female body . Each of the pieces are signed.

Shipping to United States: $9
Ships from Denmark.

Iris Bakker

Iris Bakker

Iris Bakker Studio is a studio with focus on human interaction & an intuitive drawing process. She is specialised in live drawing, decorations and facilitating workshops. Located in Aarhus, Denmark.Iris is educated in interaction design from Designschool Kolding, and have since then worked with lots of different events, exhibitions, workshops and teaching. She has exhibited in Croatia, The Netherlands, Greenland & several places in Denmark.The interactive element in the art is central for her, when she sets human relations on the agenda through her live portrait drawings. It is the curiosity for people that drive her, and her works are a combination of the intense meeting and lots of obstructions, which result in uncontrolled and unpolished works.You can see more of her work on www.irisbakker.dk and on instagram @iris__bakker

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