It Is Good To Be King

by Ruslan Khais

An original acrylic and gouache on canvas painting on stretched wooden frame. A collaboration with Graffiti Pop – my friend and studio neighbor. It is quite interesting and unpredictable to do a collaborating work. We wanted to do something light, bright and a little bit of “a tongue in cheek.” So far it is an interesting fusion of painting, graffiti and motivation poster. :)The master-quality material has been used. Edges of the painting are covered with archival white linen tape for a cl...

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Ruslan Khais

Ruslan Khais

Ruslan Khais is a passionate Moldovan-born painter based in America who has exhibited his work throughout the US and UK. He predominately works in the style of the abstract landscape, and constantly skirts the boundary line between representation and pure abstraction. Color, form, gesture and the physicality of paint carry great importance in Khais's creative process, and are recognisable in his finished artworks that stand out for their vivid colours and interesting combination of structured line and sweeping form. " In general, my paintings are skirting the boundary line between representation and pure abstraction. Color, form, gesture, and physicality of paint - all of them are the subjects of main interest and great importance. Almost all paintings have been inspired by the landscape. Behind every abstract composition is a particular place in a particular time and in a specific atmospheric condition."

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