You Are Animals / Vous Êtes Des Animaux

by DasB

You Are Animals / Vous Êtes Des Animaux1st Era series91.44 x 60.96 cm36 x 24 inchesSigned and dated on reverse - Das B. 2.10.12Acrylic, spray paint, @krinknyc ink marker on traditional canvasHigh Gloss Varnish FinishThank you @mrozio for the inspo #tbt to NYC 2012. Below is the link to the song that inspired this painting. Big up to Mr Ozio aka Quentin Dupieux - Vous Êtes Des Animaux•

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Hey and welcome to my gallery on artboost - DasB, Here you will find a variety of DasB art on canvas available, the current series on display include the following:Hommage - A tribute to DasB's favourite and most influential artistic figures and works throughout time with various styles and a shared identity - DasB Sets of 4s - Small and colorful sets of paintings - various subjects1st Era - Including works from from 2012 and 2013 - These works include street art from NYC and ParisLifestyle - This series is about street art, growing up around nyc, paris, london, sao paolo...street art is a crucial component to DasB's art.Das Abstracts - A series of 10 abstract works, varying in size, shapes and colors. focusing on the mountains and beaches of MalaysiaNeo Classic - A tribute to the Old Masters Das Comics - DasB takes on his heroes, superheroes, and unique characters that have inspired the artist

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