Bottom of Trafalgar

by Emma Cownie

"Urban minimalism“ was initially inspired by wanting to capture this temporary calm. My “rules” for composition and painting are no cars, no people, bright light. There must be shadows – at diagonals if possible. Simplified forms – there must be little detail in the final painting. I wanted to explore the interplay of the geometry of shadows and man-made structures.This style of painting is influenced by those American realist painters who paint the quiet.Part of a large art exhibition whi...

Emma Cownie

Emma Cownie

I am an award-winning and best selling artist who has sold work on five continents.I have recently been placed in the American Art Awards with a feature in both The Huffington Post and in Hollywood Alert and also been featured on ITV news and various UK newspapers. I have exhibited throughout the UK. "Emma's paintings are lively and capture the fleeting moments of day and night in the Swansea streets. A very strong visual impact is derived from bold blocks of colours and an expressive palette that is widely used in modern art and pop art. The cinematic compositions and dramatic use of light and dark in her artworks, particularly in those night scenes where I observe some tranquility and alienation in a busy city, almost draw a subtle connection to the pieces of Edward Hopper.Her depiction of pedestrians and streets of Swansea creates an enigmatic atmosphere which tempts the viewers for more"Rise Art Review

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.