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Untitled 30

by Taraneh Ebrahimi

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Taraneh  Ebrahimi

Taraneh Ebrahimi

Born on September 15th 1982/Tehran
Graduated in exercise Biochemistry and metabolism. PhD

Self taught painter, interested in lyrical abstraction
Technique: Oil and painting knife

She’s interested in modern art, specially, modern lyrical abstraction. Taraneh started painting on November 2009 and tried various mediums for work and finally she chose oil, and now she uses only a knife and oil colors in her paintings.
“Don’t ask me anything about the background of my works, because if I could explain my emotions with words, I would prefer to be a writer not a painter. I just use colors for describing what’s going on in my mind or my heart. I always let the colors do their works and I feel that I’m just an instrument. So, some where I think, OK, it’s done, leave it”.

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