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by Jon .R.

Prominent, natural look

• Frame made of solid dark wood.

Your photo is first exposed on Fujicolour's highest quality photo paper for gallery prints: guaranteed brilliant colours for 75 years.

It is then applied to a solid aluminium backing and sealed with permanently elastic silicon under the polished premium acrylic glass by the brand manufacturer - free from rips and bubbles. The 2 mm thick acrylic glass provides natural UV protection and a deep, radiant look. It is lighter and more...

Ships from Denmark.

Jon .R.

Jon .R.

I am originally from Madrid Spain but I have been living abroad since 2004, primarily in Dublin although I've spent 3 years in wonderful Lisbon and I have recently moved to Aarhus.

I’ve been addicted to Photography since I moved to Dublin in 2004 when I discovered this medium would allow me to communicate to the world in the way and the format I always wanted, with images, after all, I'm just a frustrated painter.

Over the past 12 years I have been trying to master this art, with successes and failures, learning from the masters, using Internet as the massive encyclopedia that it is today. What you are seeing today is my attempt to be an independent Photographer, creating art and meaningful images for clients that overtime become friends and family.

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