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by Shimon and Tammar

Digital print from original photograph"Fog and Mirage" is the name of landscapes series we Photographed at the northern shores of California. We used the raw photographs as words, much like a poet would use his or her memories to write poems. The memories we formed in our mind are nothing but a fog clouding the reality we experienced in the past. A mirage, a self-created image formed in our mind. More sizes are available. Contact the artists: info@artshimontammar.comall editions are numb...

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Shimon and Tammar

Shimon and Tammar

Shimon and Tammar are a husband and wife pair who specialize in "photographic choreography," bringing together fractions of reality captured with the camera to creating a new visual language using digital process. Their work is a fresh take on contemporary subjects all in combination focusing on the most intricate details, they produce a gorgeous final shot with complete perspective in their images, whether an intimate still-life or a grand tableau. a quote from artist peter tabor describes their partnership perfectly - "collaboration is working together with another to create something as a synthesis of two practices, that alone one could not." Both born in Israel and living and working in new york city for the past 18 years.

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