by AS

Unique art|100 x 100 cm

As someone said - "Creativity is ignited from our imagination, which comes from aspects such as interpretation and deep thoughts". Looking at "Versus" spectators have freedom for interpretation and imagination, which allows to come up with their own ending of the story, that artwork is telling.

"Versus" | 100x100 - acrylics - Cyan blue, Chalk blue, Navy blue - Shadow black - Coconut white - Warm gold |


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I paint to find my way to express myself. I try different techniques to figure out what is my "thing". All paintings are projection of my thoughts and feelings, that I put on the canvas.
Handcrafting, like sewing and pottery, is in my life since is was little, but painting is definitely the biggest part of my life.
The reason I sell my works, is to cover the material expenses and make next works possible to happen. With your help I can create.

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