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Be happy

by Neumann Atelier

face with green eyes and abstract mouth.The motive descripe a feeling of forced happiness, in a world that expect succes and praise fortune.

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Neumann Atelier

Neumann Atelier

Abstrakt/figurativ artist painter and sculpture. Works mainly in a abstrakt space, seeking connections between kaos and system, between human and nature.My art contains elements figurative character. Yet I don't seek naturalism, but more a space of our conciseness. Phycology and the way we think about the world. I have a background as a illustrator and mural painter. working professionally since 1990. Various ad and magasin illustration up till midt 90'ties, where I move more into mural painting and effekt making, for night clubs, restaurants and teamparks. Everything from cartoonish to naturalistisk painting and sculpture, to design of future and interior.

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