The power of color - Bud Spencer

by Dario Lo Iacono ART

This is my humble tribute to the great and legendary Bud Spencer. I really felt the need to dedicate to him a watercolor to thank for all those beautiful moments of lightheartedness I passed in my childhood, and I continue to pass, watching his movies, together with his constant companion Terence Hill. Really he deserves to be remembered not only for his innate talent as an actor, but also and primarily for his great humanity.

This painting was created on paper with watercolors.
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Ships from Denmark.

Dario Lo Iacono ART

Dario Lo Iacono ART

In my art there is an inner search and at the same time careful and thorough attention to the visual harmony that I represent in each artwork created by me, a harmony in colors, shapes and I'm going to arouse emotions in people who watch and keep my artistic works. In my works you can find classic as well as pure abstraction, or both fused together into a whole expressiveness, I like to create from nothing and copy what already exists in reality, not forgetting also sometimes to impress in my artworks a deep conceptual meaning, to make more complete in its entirety the word art.

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